Jul 19 2009


Suddenly, the buildings surrounding us became familiar. Aziz was heading towards the beach. How come he didn’t just say so? I wondered. When we arrived, I got out of the car and acted normal. I was waiting for something or someone to jump out of the corner next to where we parked. Instead, I noticed Aziz opening the trunk. I imagined him pulling out a huge white bear hugging a huge heart. The bear every girl hated receiving on Valentines Day but always acted as if she loved it!

Thankfully Aziz pulled out a huge black bag and said “Yallah, lets go.” I started to laugh, but not in a way that would embarrass him. I said okay and followed him down to the shore. We took our flip flops off and walked on the cold sand. The beach was completely empty that night. The weather was cold, and the silence was almost deadly. Anyway, we found a nice spot and that’s when he started to pull out stuff from the bag, kinda like a magician would do. My heart was beating, it was so awkward. He pulled out a sheet and asked me to help him place it on the sand. We sat on the sheet in awkward silence. Then, he pulled out a bottle of starbucks coffee. “I got you coffee, your favorite” he said. He also got himself one, and I took a few sips to keep myself busy. He was so mysterious, I never knew what to expect when I was with him nor could I find a way to know what was going on in that head of his. We started talking and I felt as if he was about to say something I wasn’t ready for. So out of nowhere I said…

Me: The hotels around here are pretty nice, my boyfriend wanted to come visit but I wasn’t sure which one to recommend.

Aziz: I stayed at the Hilton once, its not bad.

I could see the shock on his face, but he was always in control, and knew what to say and when to say it. I began to make up this story in my mind. I was not longer present, someone else took over. The whole atmosphere was as if he was preparing to say something really special. However, I couldn’t let that happen, I had to interfere.

I wanted him to believe I had a boyfriend, that way he would remain a friend. Its not that I wasn’t attracted to him, I felt things were moving too fast, and wanted to take things slow. I gave him details about our relationship (my imaginary boyfriend & I). Since I made up the lies right away, I began to contradict myself. I hoped he wouldn’t realize. I told him about my past, then I told him about my current relationship. I said my boyfriend was actually a cousin of mine, and that him and I had plans to get married after I graduated. I told him it was difficult due to the fact that it was long distance. I made it sound like a fairy tale, the perfect relationship. And he went along and actually gave me some advice which was shocking.

Meanwhile, it got windy and sand began to fly all over the sheet. The weather was cold by the beach and my legs were freezing. We decided to leave and he drove me home. When I got back to my place, I began to think about how I reacted. Did I do the right thing? Did I just misunderstand the whole situation? What am I going to do now? It all happened so fast, I didn’t think of of the consequences.

I hated that dishonesty has become a factor in our relationship. Still, there was no turning back. I came up with an idea that night to support my lie. I actually had a cousin at that time who told me that he loved me, and wanted to be with me. He was a second cousin, but nevertheless, a cousin. He was younger than me and nothing about him was appealing. I decided to tell him that night that I loved him as well. I knew that Aziz wouldn’t believe me unless I proved it somehow. He wouldn’t believe it for a number of reasons; 1) I spent all my time online talking to him. 2) When I wasn’t talking to him, I was in class 3) When I wasn’t in class, I was with him 4 )My phone hardly rang, and when it did, it wasn’t a male 5) Why didn’t I decline his offer the first night he asked me to the movies?

I got online and spoke to Rashid that night. We both said the words lovers say, yet these words were as sour as a fresh lime. I didn’t believe that Rashid truly loved me or I wouldn’t have played with his emotions like that. I didn’t care about what Rashid did, I simply needed him to call me when I was with Aziz, so I could show him it was all real. As crazy as it sounds, I felt I had no other option.

Jul 9 2009


The next day, we chatted as if nothing happened the night before. We haven’t had a regular chat on the phone, the only time I hear his voice on the phone is when he wants to tell me that he has arrived at my place so I can buzz him in. The moment after I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face and prepare my cup of coffee I get online. It has become a routine, he is always there, always. I had to go to my 4 o’clock class that day but I spent a good 1 hour chatting with him, then I told him that I had to take a shower, and get ready for my class. We said good-bye, and before my 4 o’clock class I usually go over to my friend’s place, Kevin. Kevin was gay, but overprotective of me. He was really funny, and was a good listener. I told him about Aziz, I explained how I had to be careful around guys who were from Kuwait for the sake of my reputation. I told him I understood that what I was doing was insane, but I trusted Aziz even though I’ve only known him for a little over 3 weeks. After class, Kevin asked me if I wanted to go back to his place and hang out, a few of our other friends were coming over too. It was about 7 p.m. and we were watching T.v. I received a text message from Aziz at exactly 8 p.m.

TXT-Aziz: Put on your Pajamas, and let’s go!

I turned over to Kevin, and handed over my phone to him so he could read the text and explain.

Kevin: What’s that suppose to mean?

Me: I have no idea!! What should I say?

Kevin: Maybe he has some kind of weird fetish. Hahah!

Me: You’re not helping, give me my phone!

So I replied….

TXT-Me: LOL, Pajamas? Why pajamas?

TXT-Aziz: Pajama party, what more can I say?

Me to Kevin, what the hell is a pajama party?

Kevin: Oh, people get together and wear their pajamas, and have a party!

Me: Seriously? I don’t want to be around people I don’t know, what should I say?

Kevin: Tell him you have a paper to write up.

TXT-Me: Aziz I don’t feel like being around people I don’t know, who’s coming?

TXT-Aziz: Are you serious? I don’t want to be around anyone either. It’s just you and me.

(Something wasn’t right, it felt as though something big was about to happen,  but I didn’t want to seem *Maleeqah* so I said….)

Me: Alrighty, But I won’t be home for another hour.

Aziz: No problem, I’ll be at your place at 9. Don’t forget to wear your PJs! NO JEANS

After talking to Kevin about this, I got really nervous, I’m not sure why! So Kevin told me to calm down, he said just text him and tell him that I fell down the stairs, and your taking me to the hospital. I couldn’t stop laughing, I told Kevin that I’d think of a better reason on my way home. I was heading home, and texting Aziz…….

TXT-Me: Aziz I’m so sorry, can we do this some other night?

Of course it took a while for him to reply, and Kevin didn’t live too far from my place. I got home, and parked my car, then decided to walk down to the store. I needed some personal items pronto!

As I was about to enter the store, I received a text from him…

TXT-Aziz: Why? Is something wrong?

I couldn’t think of a better alibi than the one Kevin had proposed earlier. It was nearly 9 p.m and he was probably on his way already, so I quickly said…..

TXT-Me: Well, Kevin fell down the stairs and he may have hurt his ankle, he doesn’t have his car so I need to take him to the hospital.

Just my luck, the store has no service, I was panicking, I had no idea what the hell I was doing so I paid for my things and left the store as fast as I could. When I got out, I was finally able to send the message. I walked back home, and as I walked to my front door, I saw Aziz’s car parked in front of my door but it wasn’t facing my door, so maybe he couldn’t see me I thought? I looked like a complete idiot/lier walking to my door with my paper bag. I unlocked my door, and got inside, threw the bag on the counter and dialed Kevin’s number.

Me: OMG, his car is parked outside and I already lied and told him I was taking you to the hospital.

Kevin: Calm down, tell him I called you after you  left and that you need to come get me now.

Me: Ok ok, stay on the line with me, I’m going outside to tell him now.

I walked towards him and he got out of the car…..

Me: Hey, did you get my message? Kevin’s on the line right now, he hurt his ankle and he has no one to take him to the hospital.

Aziz: Oh , how’d he hurt his ankle?

Me: Well, he fell down the stairs.

Aziz: Okay I can take him, you don’t have to go, you don’t even know where the emergency room is.

Somebody please shoot me. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Kevin: Hey hun, you know what, just go with him and I’m sure everything will be fine, try to have fun, tell him that my sister is coming to get me.

Me: Ohhh really? your sister just walked in (LIER). Aziz never mind, his sister is going to take care of it, let me just go change into my pajamas.

I don’t even own pajamas. I sleep in a huge shirt most of the time. I put on my university pull over and a pair of shorts. I was so scared about being caught in a lie that I completely forgot why I didn’t want to go to begin with. I got in his car, turned to him and we talked about my little white lie. Of course he had no idea I was lying, I’m sure he was only playing along though. I began to wonder where we were going? What did he have planned? I didn’t want to lose his friendship, so I hoped he didn’t plan anything special for me. I looked up at the sky as Frank Senatra sang “Come fly with me, lets fly, lets fly away….”

To be continued…..

Jul 4 2009


“ Things have been going very well for Aziz and I. I think its safe to say, he will be around for a while. We have been chatting and texting regularly, and we’ve been seeing each other whenever an opportunity pops up. I have been enjoying his company so much that I haven’t stopped to think of where this may lead. Up until now, he has brought nothing but joy into my life, and much needed happiness too if I may add. I hope I have brought joy into his life too. ”

That was what I wrote in my online diary after 3 weeks have passed since meeting Aziz. Indeed, he filled a void in my life, made my days brighter, and my nights warmer. One night, as we were chatting online as usual, he asked me if I wanted to go down to the beach. The weather was perfect, and we were both in a good mood, so I agreed. I did the usual, cleaned up my place,tidied things up and got ready. I was so excited, my heart would jump every time I was going to see him. I let him know I was ready and stood in the kitchen, had a cigarette while I waited. I walked around the apartment too, I was nervous, I probably checked my self in the mirror 10 times before I left. I peeked through the peephole a few times too as I waited, impatiently. He finally arrived, I put my cigarette out, showered myself with my favorite perfume, and got my keys. He didn’t look my way when I opened the door, and as I walked towards him, he had his head down like he was playing with his Ipod or phone. I wondered a few times if he was physically attracted to me? I mean, he was a decent guy but still, I secretly wondered if he checked me out when I wasn’t looking.

I rolled down my window, and just enjoyed the music that was playing, I loved the feeling of the cool breeze on my face. I had given him a CD of my favorite songs in our previous meeting. He liked Frank Senatra, and I liked a little of everything. When we arrived at the beach, there was a wide range of places to choose from. Most of the places were clubs, bars, lounges or hotels. We chose to walk first and see what was going on. It was pretty busy that night, a bunch of people just trying to have a good time. We strolled upon this one place with a live band playing outside. We stood there for a bit and listened to what was playing until the lead singers voice became unbearable. We headed in the opposite direction towards where we have parked. He thought I was really funny, he liked my dry sense of humor, and could understand my sarcasm. I think that night we began to trust each other, and we joked about going into a bar to have a drink. Then, all the joking became serious, so I asked him if he drank? He said yeah, I didn’t comment. I had nothing against it, I believe that everything is fine as long as its in moderation and doesn’t get out of control. Who was I to judge him? I wasn’t perfect.

Anyway, I told him I was underage and that they wouldn’t serve me in a bar, but he could have a drink if he wanted. He tried to convince me to make up some silly story about how I forgot my wallet at home, which I knew they wouldn’t buy. I went in with him, he ordered a Long Island for those of you who are familiar with alcoholic beverages. We sat at the bar, but I chickened out, I told the bartender I’d have a glass of water, and Aziz added a side order of Fries. I found that hilarious, who orders fries at a bar? We started talking, and I came up with an idea. How about we go to the liquor store, get some drinks and head back to my place? We couldn’t go to his place, because he lived with his brother, and he didn’t want him to find out that he was hanging out with me, nor did I. It was too late, the liquor store was closed, our only option was to go to the store and get some beer. I didn’t go in since they might ask me for ID, so I told him I wanted the flavored kind, which my friends brought over a few weeks ago. I waited in the car, and a while later, he came out with this huge box of probably 24 bottles, with 6 different flavors.

I was feeling really good, I couldn’t wait to be with him in a calm place with no distractions. We arrived at my place, but he said that he wanted to go get some things from his place and that he’d be back in 20 minutes tops. Perfect. I’d have time to change, fix up the place, and think of something to do when he’s back. My place smelled really nice, thank God, and it was already clean, but I over thought things too much. Now I usually light candles at night, so I was debating whether or not to light them? Would it seem as if I was trying to create a romantic atmosphere? What the hell, I lit them anyway, I liked creating a relaxing atmosphere for myself and others too. I dimmed the lights, lit all my candles, I had some on shelves, bigger ones on the floor, and even one in the bathroom. I loved the way it made my place smell, and it looked so pretty too. He finally got back, he came in, took his shoes off, and I showed him around. He didn’t say much, however he did say he thought my apartment was nice. I was wondering why he had to go home, so when he came in, I saw that he brought his laptop with him.

At first I thought it was weird, but it turned out to be the best thing he could have brought that night. We ended up playing two player online games. We were both so competitive. He would beat me 8 out of 10 times and I could swear he was cheating. We drank our beers, I know people don’t usually get a kick out of drinking beer, but after a few, I could feel it kicking in. I was still calm, and I knew exactly what I was doing. We were having so much fun, it got late though, and it was a school night. My first class the next day was at 12 p.m. and it was almost 4 a.m. I wasn’t sure what his schedule was like at the time, but he just decided to leave and we said good night. I was worried about letting him drive, but I didn’t feel like I had the right to tell him what to do. I asked him if he could drive? And he said that he was fine. I think I had more to drink than him anyway. We said goodnight, and I ended up skipping my 12 o’clock class the next day.

Jul 2 2009


It has been a little over a week since I have met this beautiful creature. We have been talking every night, and most of the day online. Although we haven’t shared every personal detail, sometimes your gut can tell you everything you need to know about a person. I have always been very sensitive and careful around strangers. I watch what I say and what I do constantly, but with Aziz I found it so easy for me to simply be myself. Our conversations didn’t include gossip, he never spoke badly of anyone he knew unless it would benefit me personally. We agreed on so many topics and when we didn’t agree with each other, we wouldn’t argue, we’d simply respect each others views.

Aziz grew up in an environment that was far different than the one I was raised in. His father was very strict, and never satisfied with his achievements but readily criticized him when his performance was less than perfect. Each family member did their own thing and I noticed from the start that communication was an issue in their home. Aziz and his siblings could never express themselves freely, so they all chose to show their parents the side they wanted to see, and hide who they truly were. In our home on the other hand, I had a larger family, and it was always loud and chaotic. No secrets could be kept, you could say our motto was and still is “your business is my business”. Our mother was not only a loving and caring parent, she was also a supportive and loyal friend that we could all count on. I have always been a firm believer in looking into a person’s relationship with their family– male or female–, in order to acquire hidden traits that you may not see immediately.

One sunny afternoon as I was sipping my coffee on my couch, listening to the sound of the busy streets, and chatting with Aziz, I mentioned I would like to sell my car and replace it with  something a little more girly. He told me that he could take me to a few dealerships to check out what was there, and if I found what I liked then I could simply trade it. What I didn’t know is that he meant right this moment. I had nothing to do that day and I certainly didn’t want to miss a day out with Aziz. I told him to give me 30 minutes to get dressed and I cleaned up my place just in case he decided to come in this time. Aziz lived 15 minutes away from my place, he said that he’d leave in about 5 minutes,get gas and pick me up. I don’t like being rushed but I was too excited to care, I put on my favorite jeans, a white shirt, let my hair down, and dabbed on some lip gloss. I grabbed my bag, and looked at the clock to find that only 10 minutes have passed.

I was feeling anxious, so I kept busy, I hid my dirty laundry in the laundry room, emptied my ash tray, and sprayed the place with air freshener. A while later he texted me, “Buzz me in”, so I did just that. I got my keys, locked my door and headed towards my car. He was always so calm, and never really said “Hello” or “Hi”, I would always have to say it first. I asked him to drive my car since he knew where we were going, and because I’d feel silly driving him around. We played music most of the way, and he asked me questions about what type of car I was looking for. By then,I was feeling rather comfy, it’s always the getting ready and waiting part that makes me nervous. While in each others presence, all that goes away, and I feel safe and comfortable. We checked out a couple dealerships that day but I didn’t find anything I liked, I kind of felt like I have wasted his time. He told me not to worry, and promised that he would help me find a car online. He was so helpful and patient with me. Then he asked me if there was anything else I’d like to do. It looks as though I’m not the only one having a good time. I told him I had nothing in particular that I want to do, and asked him if he had anything in mind. I wasn’t sure what he meant so I decided to let him choose something or somewhere. “Why don’t we go to Starbucks and get something to drink?” he asked. He assumed coffee would be a safe call since he usually saw me holding a cup of coffee in my hand. I got my usual and he didn’t have a specific drink that he ordered so he had what I had. We sat outside, but that guy who has so much to say online, never really says much when he didn’t have his laptop. It didn’t matter to me, I don’t like people who talked non stop anyway. When he did say something, it was always meaningful and insightful.

Jul 1 2009


It was a beautiful night. It was a bit cold, but I don’t mind the cold at all. As I walked towards his car, I smiled at him. He didn’t smile back though, perhaps it was too dark and he couldn’t see? I got in and said “Hey”. I asked him if the movie we’re going to see was any good? “I have no idea” he replied with his deep voice. Some thing about him drew me towards him. He was not the friendliest person and his sense of humor was yet to be revealed. He was mysterious. We all enjoy a little mystery in a man, we just don’t want it to last forever. Be that as it may, I was in no rush to get to know this wonderful individual. I wanted to enjoy the ride, and surprise myself or better yet, have him surprise me.

He was a gentleman, he made sure I walked in first as he held the door. He got our tickets and offered to get us pop corn and coke after we chose our seats. A date to see a movie is one of the best ways to break the ice. It was dark, and we didn’t have to talk that much. The theatre is the only place where you can go on a date and not a moment of awkward silence,it just doesn’t exist. It’s also the perfect place to lean in and whisper. We don’t want to disturb the people around us now, do we? So that’s exactly what I did. I leaned in and asked him to explain to me what was going on? I was just playing stupid, I knew exactly what was going on. Now I wasn’t doing all of this because I wanted us to become anything more than friends, I was just trying to have a good time.

When the movie was over I wanted a cigarette. Yes, I know I said he was religious, but I couldn’t hide this from him forever. Plus he wasn’t dumb, he’d find out eventually, then I would just look like an idiot. I’d rather tell him myself.

Me; “Do you smoke?”

Aziz: Socially. you?

Me; (Laughs) Yes.

(Note: I am not encouraging you to smoke. This is a bad habit I picked up out of sheer curiosity and also boredom. Sadly, it became a habit and I have come to like it too much to give it up. I promise I will one day.)

After the movie, Aziz drove me home. We said goodnight and I walked in my apartment. I missed it! I don’t like going out much, I enjoy my quiet nights in. I wished I could have had him over instead of going out, but it was too soon for that. A while later I received a text from him.

Aziz: I had a great time.

Me: Me too. Thanks for taking me out!

I got online later but stayed offline. I saw him online but I didn’t want to act too excited. I stayed offline and watched Sex and the City instead. An hour later, I gave myself the green light, it was safe for me to get online now but I’d have to wait for him to message me first. And that’s exactly what happened. I liked that he was the one leading, even though he seemed serious, I could rest knowing that he would always make the right move, at the right time. We didn’t mention our outing or the fact that I smoked. Our online chat sessions always seemed to be as if I was talking to a completely different person. I enjoyed them very much, and he would always stay online until I decided to go to bed.

That night when I went to bed, I started asking questions. I thought what if he had a girlfriend? I mean he can’t be who I thought he was. He said he smoked socially, and he offered to take me out. What percent of his actions have I influenced? Was I remarkably special to him or was there a whole line-up of girls in his world. When all the thinking got out of control, I began to calm myself down. Who cares if all of this is true? We would only be friends. I needed a friend whose company I’d enjoy, and who would be there for me. Someone I could trust and confide in. What he does–as long as it didn’t include me–, is simply not any of my concern. Why turn what could be painless, into a complicated situation. I took a deep breath, and fell asleep.

Jun 30 2009

Part II

One evening, as I was sitting on my couch being lazy, flipping through the channels, I got a text.

Aziz; Aham shay, I got pulled over again! and to top it off, I was 2 mins away from my place.

(Hmmmm..maybe he isn’t as innocent as I thought? I actually felt bad for him, cos I was always so careful, I didn’t want to get pulled over or get a ticket!)

Me; OMG, what for?

Aziz; No biggie, speeding, I get them all the time. Im heading home now.

Me; all the time? maybe you should slow down. be careful next time!

Aziz Enshalah. Hey I’m almost home, add me on msn, lets talk?

Me; Sure. Add me ………@hotmail.com

Aziz; K.

I got my laptop, muted the TV. I got comfortable, and there it was, his request! We talked for around 2 hours, just about ourselves in general, our families, our majors, and a lot of silly things that happened to come up at the moment. I really enjoyed it, I think I was smiling the whole time. I wouldn’t say I got butterflies, but something was there, it all felt so familiar.

I had a few American friends that I met in some other classes boys/girls mostly girls though, and we had grown to become pretty close. They liked coming over, and one day they came over and brought some beer with them. They stayed and I didn’t really think about Aziz, but I did mention him vaguely. A few hours later, I received a text from him.

Aziz; Hey, hows it goin?

Me; Pretty good, what have you been up to?

Aziz; Not much, I’m kinda bored. What are you doing?

Me; yeah same here. Nothing much really, just sitting at home,tidying up.

(Okay, I lied! I don’t trust people easily, so I chose not to tell him about my friends, thus he wouldn’t judge me or spread rumors just in case he was that type)

Aziz; You wanna go see a movie tonight?

(Uh-Oh! sure I want to go, now I gotta nicely kick my friends out! They understood the way things worked in our culture, so they would understand. Completely!)

Me: You guys, remember Aziz, the one I told you about from class? He’s coming to pick me up in a bit, so I need you guys to leave in about 30 minutes.

Them: Is this like a date?

Me; No no, I have no time to explain right now, I need to do my hair and get ready, I look like a mess.

Them; So it is a date?

Me; **Ignore…** on the other hand, I think I’ll have a sip of that beer you guys have been drinking since 6 pm!

I was really nervous, I wanted to make sure I was dressed appropriately, remember this guy is religious! I didn’t want to smell like cigarette smoke either. And of course I had to make sure the gang left, before he arrived, I didn’t want him seeing them leave my front door. He said he’d pick me up at 9 p.m. and they were gone in time. They told me I looked like I was dressed for a date before they left, which made me rethink the outfit but not in time to actually change. He texted me and told he that he had arrived, and that he was waiting for me to buzz him in.

Jun 29 2009

Part I

I had to wait all weekend to see Aziz again. However, when the time actually came to get into my car and drive to class, I suddenly felt anxious. I put some music on and lit a cigarette which usually helped calm me. As I got closer to the classroom I started talking to myself in my head. I told myself that there was no need for me to be nervous, we would most likely become friends, so why am I overreacting? Talking to myself is another tactic I use to calm myself down. It worked, and I was feeling confident.

I walked in, took a look around, but there was no sign of Aziz. For a moment I was actually relieved. I found an empty desk all the way in the back so I sat there. The class was ordered in twos. The desk next to mine, literally (stuck to mine) was empty. Aziz walked in, and guess what? He sat right next to me. All we said was “Hi!”, and continued to listen to our boring lecture. To be honest, there was nothing boring about it. Aziz was sitting next to me, and I couldn’t focus for several reasons: 1. He was too close, 2. He smelled really good again.

During our break, we spoke a little more, He asked me the basics, how long I’ve been studying here, and how I liked the city. He told me he lived with his brother, whom was 3 years younger, that he was a senior and that he was graduating that semester. That night, as we stood awkwardly outside of the building, Aziz told me to save his number, just in case I ever needed anything. He felt it wasn’t safe for me to be living alone without knowing anyone in the area. He walked me to my car again, and this time it was a short walk since I took his advice and skipped the parking garage.

Two days later before our class I decided I would skip class just because I wasn’t in the mood. I texted him…

Me; Hey, are you going to class tonight? I’m thinking of staying home, I don’t feel too well.

(The truth was, I just didn’t feel like going to class. I didn’t say that cause, well..my first impression of him was that he was religious, now I don’t mean moderate, I mean really religious. Secondly, he seemed really serious, and as of now, I haven’t heard him laugh or say anything funny)

Aziz: Hey, sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better. I’ll let you know what you missed.

Me; Alrighty then, have fun!

Aziz; Ya right. be safe.

And I didn’t hear from him again that night.
(Now I felt like an idiot. Seriously.)

Jun 29 2009


It all started that night I attended my first class of European history. It was my second semester and I didn’t have many friends, only a few acquaintances. I was shy, and reserved and was finding it hard to make new friends. As I was waiting outside my class room, waiting to get in, I noticed a guy who looked to be Kuwaiti. He wasn’t actually in our class, he was looking to overload that night. The professor told him that there was no room and that there was nothing he could do. I didn’t give it much thought, and went home that night to my normal routine. This class was twice a week, so on Thursday when I returned to class, I was surprised to see that same guy sitting in class in the front row. As the professor called out our names, my name was first and I could see him trying to look over his shoulder to catch a glimpse at who it may be. Then his name was called out, Aziz was his name.

The class was a long one and we were given a 15 minute break. I left class and sat outside where most of our classmates were chatting. Aziz came out shortly, and joined the conversation. We were mostly discussing the professor and the course. I was impressed by how fluent his English was, and when he sat down next to me, I couldn’t help but notice how good he smelled. I was nervous, knowing he came from Kuwait, and didn’t want to make a bad impression, so I kept my answers short for the most, and avoided eye contact. 
After class, we talked as we walked out of the building and Aziz offered to walk me to my car. I was parked all the way in the garage, and he mentioned that I could park in the faculty parking after 4 pm. We didn’t exchange numbers, nor did we exchange e-mails, I was shy and he was a gentleman. The whole drive home, I kept thinking about him, I wasn’t sure what it was about him that made me so comfortable. I got this feeling that this would soon develop into a lasting friendship.