Part I

I had to wait all weekend to see Aziz again. However, when the time actually came to get into my car and drive to class, I suddenly felt anxious. I put some music on and lit a cigarette which usually helped calm me. As I got closer to the classroom I started talking to myself in my head. I told myself that there was no need for me to be nervous, we would most likely become friends, so why am I overreacting? Talking to myself is another tactic I use to calm myself down. It worked, and I was feeling confident.

I walked in, took a look around, but there was no sign of Aziz. For a moment I was actually relieved. I found an empty desk all the way in the back so I sat there. The class was ordered in twos. The desk next to mine, literally (stuck to mine) was empty. Aziz walked in, and guess what? He sat right next to me. All we said was “Hi!”, and continued to listen to our boring lecture. To be honest, there was nothing boring about it. Aziz was sitting next to me, and I couldn’t focus for several reasons: 1. He was too close, 2. He smelled really good again.

During our break, we spoke a little more, He asked me the basics, how long I’ve been studying here, and how I liked the city. He told me he lived with his brother, whom was 3 years younger, that he was a senior and that he was graduating that semester. That night, as we stood awkwardly outside of the building, Aziz told me to save his number, just in case I ever needed anything. He felt it wasn’t safe for me to be living alone without knowing anyone in the area. He walked me to my car again, and this time it was a short walk since I took his advice and skipped the parking garage.

Two days later before our class I decided I would skip class just because I wasn’t in the mood. I texted him…

Me; Hey, are you going to class tonight? I’m thinking of staying home, I don’t feel too well.

(The truth was, I just didn’t feel like going to class. I didn’t say that cause, first impression of him was that he was religious, now I don’t mean moderate, I mean really religious. Secondly, he seemed really serious, and as of now, I haven’t heard him laugh or say anything funny)

Aziz: Hey, sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better. I’ll let you know what you missed.

Me; Alrighty then, have fun!

Aziz; Ya right. be safe.

And I didn’t hear from him again that night.
(Now I felt like an idiot. Seriously.)