Part II

One evening, as I was sitting on my couch being lazy, flipping through the channels, I got a text.

Aziz; Aham shay, I got pulled over again! and to top it off, I was 2 mins away from my place.

(Hmmmm..maybe he isn’t as innocent as I thought? I actually felt bad for him, cos I was always so careful, I didn’t want to get pulled over or get a ticket!)

Me; OMG, what for?

Aziz; No biggie, speeding, I get them all the time. Im heading home now.

Me; all the time? maybe you should slow down. be careful next time!

Aziz Enshalah. Hey I’m almost home, add me on msn, lets talk?

Me; Sure. Add me ………

Aziz; K.

I got my laptop, muted the TV. I got comfortable, and there it was, his request! We talked for around 2 hours, just about ourselves in general, our families, our majors, and a lot of silly things that happened to come up at the moment. I really enjoyed it, I think I was smiling the whole time. I wouldn’t say I got butterflies, but something was there, it all felt so familiar.

I had a few American friends that I met in some other classes boys/girls mostly girls though, and we had grown to become pretty close. They liked coming over, and one day they came over and brought some beer with them. They stayed and I didn’t really think about Aziz, but I did mention him vaguely. A few hours later, I received a text from him.

Aziz; Hey, hows it goin?

Me; Pretty good, what have you been up to?

Aziz; Not much, I’m kinda bored. What are you doing?

Me; yeah same here. Nothing much really, just sitting at home,tidying up.

(Okay, I lied! I don’t trust people easily, so I chose not to tell him about my friends, thus he wouldn’t judge me or spread rumors just in case he was that type)

Aziz; You wanna go see a movie tonight?

(Uh-Oh! sure I want to go, now I gotta nicely kick my friends out! They understood the way things worked in our culture, so they would understand. Completely!)

Me: You guys, remember Aziz, the one I told you about from class? He’s coming to pick me up in a bit, so I need you guys to leave in about 30 minutes.

Them: Is this like a date?

Me; No no, I have no time to explain right now, I need to do my hair and get ready, I look like a mess.

Them; So it is a date?

Me; **Ignore…** on the other hand, I think I’ll have a sip of that beer you guys have been drinking since 6 pm!

I was really nervous, I wanted to make sure I was dressed appropriately, remember this guy is religious! I didn’t want to smell like cigarette smoke either. And of course I had to make sure the gang left, before he arrived, I didn’t want him seeing them leave my front door. He said he’d pick me up at 9 p.m. and they were gone in time. They told me I looked like I was dressed for a date before they left, which made me rethink the outfit but not in time to actually change. He texted me and told he that he had arrived, and that he was waiting for me to buzz him in.