It was a beautiful night. It was a bit cold, but I don’t mind the cold at all. As I walked towards his car, I smiled at him. He didn’t smile back though, perhaps it was too dark and he couldn’t see? I got in and said “Hey”. I asked him if the movie we’re going to see was any good? “I have no idea” he replied with his deep voice. Some thing about him drew me towards him. He was not the friendliest person and his sense of humor was yet to be revealed. He was mysterious. We all enjoy a little mystery in a man, we just don’t want it to last forever. Be that as it may, I was in no rush to get to know this wonderful individual. I wanted to enjoy the ride, and surprise myself or better yet, have him surprise me.

He was a gentleman, he made sure I walked in first as he held the door. He got our tickets and offered to get us pop corn and coke after we chose our seats. A date to see a movie is one of the best ways to break the ice. It was dark, and we didn’t have to talk that much. The theatre is the only place where you can go on a date and not a moment of awkward silence,it just doesn’t exist. It’s also the perfect place to lean in and whisper. We don’t want to disturb the people around us now, do we? So that’s exactly what I did. I leaned in and asked him to explain to me what was going on? I was just playing stupid, I knew exactly what was going on. Now I wasn’t doing all of this because I wanted us to become anything more than friends, I was just trying to have a good time.

When the movie was over I wanted a cigarette. Yes, I know I said he was religious, but I couldn’t hide this from him forever. Plus he wasn’t dumb, he’d find out eventually, then I would just look like an idiot. I’d rather tell him myself.

Me; “Do you smoke?”

Aziz: Socially. you?

Me; (Laughs) Yes.

(Note: I am not encouraging you to smoke. This is a bad habit I picked up out of sheer curiosity and also boredom. Sadly, it became a habit and I have come to like it too much to give it up. I promise I will one day.)

After the movie, Aziz drove me home. We said goodnight and I walked in my apartment. I missed it! I don’t like going out much, I enjoy my quiet nights in. I wished I could have had him over instead of going out, but it was too soon for that. A while later I received a text from him.

Aziz: I had a great time.

Me: Me too. Thanks for taking me out!

I got online later but stayed offline. I saw him online but I didn’t want to act too excited. I stayed offline and watched Sex and the City instead. An hour later, I gave myself the green light, it was safe for me to get online now but I’d have to wait for him to message me first. And that’s exactly what happened. I liked that he was the one leading, even though he seemed serious, I could rest knowing that he would always make the right move, at the right time. We didn’t mention our outing or the fact that I smoked. Our online chat sessions always seemed to be as if I was talking to a completely different person. I enjoyed them very much, and he would always stay online until I decided to go to bed.

That night when I went to bed, I started asking questions. I thought what if he had a girlfriend? I mean he can’t be who I thought he was. He said he smoked socially, and he offered to take me out. What percent of his actions have I influenced? Was I remarkably special to him or was there a whole line-up of girls in his world. When all the thinking got out of control, I began to calm myself down. Who cares if all of this is true? We would only be friends. I needed a friend whose company I’d enjoy, and who would be there for me. Someone I could trust and confide in. What he does–as long as it didn’t include me–, is simply not any of my concern. Why turn what could be painless, into a complicated situation. I took a deep breath, and fell asleep.