“ Things have been going very well for Aziz and I. I think its safe to say, he will be around for a while. We have been chatting and texting regularly, and we’ve been seeing each other whenever an opportunity pops up. I have been enjoying his company so much that I haven’t stopped to think of where this may lead. Up until now, he has brought nothing but joy into my life, and much needed happiness too if I may add. I hope I have brought joy into his life too. ”

That was what I wrote in my online diary after 3 weeks have passed since meeting Aziz. Indeed, he filled a void in my life, made my days brighter, and my nights warmer. One night, as we were chatting online as usual, he asked me if I wanted to go down to the beach. The weather was perfect, and we were both in a good mood, so I agreed. I did the usual, cleaned up my place,tidied things up and got ready. I was so excited, my heart would jump every time I was going to see him. I let him know I was ready and stood in the kitchen, had a cigarette while I waited. I walked around the apartment too, I was nervous, I probably checked my self in the mirror 10 times before I left. I peeked through the peephole a few times too as I waited, impatiently. He finally arrived, I put my cigarette out, showered myself with my favorite perfume, and got my keys. He didn’t look my way when I opened the door, and as I walked towards him, he had his head down like he was playing with his Ipod or phone. I wondered a few times if he was physically attracted to me? I mean, he was a decent guy but still, I secretly wondered if he checked me out when I wasn’t looking.

I rolled down my window, and just enjoyed the music that was playing, I loved the feeling of the cool breeze on my face. I had given him a CD of my favorite songs in our previous meeting. He liked Frank Senatra, and I liked a little of everything. When we arrived at the beach, there was a wide range of places to choose from. Most of the places were clubs, bars, lounges or hotels. We chose to walk first and see what was going on. It was pretty busy that night, a bunch of people just trying to have a good time. We strolled upon this one place with a live band playing outside. We stood there for a bit and listened to what was playing until the lead singers voice became unbearable. We headed in the opposite direction towards where we have parked. He thought I was really funny, he liked my dry sense of humor, and could understand my sarcasm. I think that night we began to trust each other, and we joked about going into a bar to have a drink. Then, all the joking became serious, so I asked him if he drank? He said yeah, I didn’t comment. I had nothing against it, I believe that everything is fine as long as its in moderation and doesn’t get out of control. Who was I to judge him? I wasn’t perfect.

Anyway, I told him I was underage and that they wouldn’t serve me in a bar, but he could have a drink if he wanted. He tried to convince me to make up some silly story about how I forgot my wallet at home, which I knew they wouldn’t buy. I went in with him, he ordered a Long Island for those of you who are familiar with alcoholic beverages. We sat at the bar, but I chickened out, I told the bartender I’d have a glass of water, and Aziz added a side order of Fries. I found that hilarious, who orders fries at a bar? We started talking, and I came up with an idea. How about we go to the liquor store, get some drinks and head back to my place? We couldn’t go to his place, because he lived with his brother, and he didn’t want him to find out that he was hanging out with me, nor did I. It was too late, the liquor store was closed, our only option was to go to the store and get some beer. I didn’t go in since they might ask me for ID, so I told him I wanted the flavored kind, which my friends brought over a few weeks ago. I waited in the car, and a while later, he came out with this huge box of probably 24 bottles, with 6 different flavors.

I was feeling really good, I couldn’t wait to be with him in a calm place with no distractions. We arrived at my place, but he said that he wanted to go get some things from his place and that he’d be back in 20 minutes tops. Perfect. I’d have time to change, fix up the place, and think of something to do when he’s back. My place smelled really nice, thank God, and it was already clean, but I over thought things too much. Now I usually light candles at night, so I was debating whether or not to light them? Would it seem as if I was trying to create a romantic atmosphere? What the hell, I lit them anyway, I liked creating a relaxing atmosphere for myself and others too. I dimmed the lights, lit all my candles, I had some on shelves, bigger ones on the floor, and even one in the bathroom. I loved the way it made my place smell, and it looked so pretty too. He finally got back, he came in, took his shoes off, and I showed him around. He didn’t say much, however he did say he thought my apartment was nice. I was wondering why he had to go home, so when he came in, I saw that he brought his laptop with him.

At first I thought it was weird, but it turned out to be the best thing he could have brought that night. We ended up playing two player online games. We were both so competitive. He would beat me 8 out of 10 times and I could swear he was cheating. We drank our beers, I know people don’t usually get a kick out of drinking beer, but after a few, I could feel it kicking in. I was still calm, and I knew exactly what I was doing. We were having so much fun, it got late though, and it was a school night. My first class the next day was at 12 p.m. and it was almost 4 a.m. I wasn’t sure what his schedule was like at the time, but he just decided to leave and we said good night. I was worried about letting him drive, but I didn’t feel like I had the right to tell him what to do. I asked him if he could drive? And he said that he was fine. I think I had more to drink than him anyway. We said goodnight, and I ended up skipping my 12 o’clock class the next day.