The next day, we chatted as if nothing happened the night before. We haven’t had a regular chat on the phone, the only time I hear his voice on the phone is when he wants to tell me that he has arrived at my place so I can buzz him in. The moment after I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face and prepare my cup of coffee I get online. It has become a routine, he is always there, always. I had to go to my 4 o’clock class that day but I spent a good 1 hour chatting with him, then I told him that I had to take a shower, and get ready for my class. We said good-bye, and before my 4 o’clock class I usually go over to my friend’s place, Kevin. Kevin was gay, but overprotective of me. He was really funny, and was a good listener. I told him about Aziz, I explained how I had to be careful around guys who were from Kuwait for the sake of my reputation. I told him I understood that what I was doing was insane, but I trusted Aziz even though I’ve only known him for a little over 3 weeks. After class, Kevin asked me if I wanted to go back to his place and hang out, a few of our other friends were coming over too. It was about 7 p.m. and we were watching T.v. I received a text message from Aziz at exactly 8 p.m.

TXT-Aziz: Put on your Pajamas, and let’s go!

I turned over to Kevin, and handed over my phone to him so he could read the text and explain.

Kevin: What’s that suppose to mean?

Me: I have no idea!! What should I say?

Kevin: Maybe he has some kind of weird fetish. Hahah!

Me: You’re not helping, give me my phone!

So I replied….

TXT-Me: LOL, Pajamas? Why pajamas?

TXT-Aziz: Pajama party, what more can I say?

Me to Kevin, what the hell is a pajama party?

Kevin: Oh, people get together and wear their pajamas, and have a party!

Me: Seriously? I don’t want to be around people I don’t know, what should I say?

Kevin: Tell him you have a paper to write up.

TXT-Me: Aziz I don’t feel like being around people I don’t know, who’s coming?

TXT-Aziz: Are you serious? I don’t want to be around anyone either. It’s just you and me.

(Something wasn’t right, it felt as though something big was about to happen,  but I didn’t want to seem *Maleeqah* so I said….)

Me: Alrighty, But I won’t be home for another hour.

Aziz: No problem, I’ll be at your place at 9. Don’t forget to wear your PJs! NO JEANS

After talking to Kevin about this, I got really nervous, I’m not sure why! So Kevin told me to calm down, he said just text him and tell him that I fell down the stairs, and your taking me to the hospital. I couldn’t stop laughing, I told Kevin that I’d think of a better reason on my way home. I was heading home, and texting Aziz…….

TXT-Me: Aziz I’m so sorry, can we do this some other night?

Of course it took a while for him to reply, and Kevin didn’t live too far from my place. I got home, and parked my car, then decided to walk down to the store. I needed some personal items pronto!

As I was about to enter the store, I received a text from him…

TXT-Aziz: Why? Is something wrong?

I couldn’t think of a better alibi than the one Kevin had proposed earlier. It was nearly 9 p.m and he was probably on his way already, so I quickly said…..

TXT-Me: Well, Kevin fell down the stairs and he may have hurt his ankle, he doesn’t have his car so I need to take him to the hospital.

Just my luck, the store has no service, I was panicking, I had no idea what the hell I was doing so I paid for my things and left the store as fast as I could. When I got out, I was finally able to send the message. I walked back home, and as I walked to my front door, I saw Aziz’s car parked in front of my door but it wasn’t facing my door, so maybe he couldn’t see me I thought? I looked like a complete idiot/lier walking to my door with my paper bag. I unlocked my door, and got inside, threw the bag on the counter and dialed Kevin’s number.

Me: OMG, his car is parked outside and I already lied and told him I was taking you to the hospital.

Kevin: Calm down, tell him I called you after you  left and that you need to come get me now.

Me: Ok ok, stay on the line with me, I’m going outside to tell him now.

I walked towards him and he got out of the car…..

Me: Hey, did you get my message? Kevin’s on the line right now, he hurt his ankle and he has no one to take him to the hospital.

Aziz: Oh , how’d he hurt his ankle?

Me: Well, he fell down the stairs.

Aziz: Okay I can take him, you don’t have to go, you don’t even know where the emergency room is.

Somebody please shoot me. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Kevin: Hey hun, you know what, just go with him and I’m sure everything will be fine, try to have fun, tell him that my sister is coming to get me.

Me: Ohhh really? your sister just walked in (LIER). Aziz never mind, his sister is going to take care of it, let me just go change into my pajamas.

I don’t even own pajamas. I sleep in a huge shirt most of the time. I put on my university pull over and a pair of shorts. I was so scared about being caught in a lie that I completely forgot why I didn’t want to go to begin with. I got in his car, turned to him and we talked about my little white lie. Of course he had no idea I was lying, I’m sure he was only playing along though. I began to wonder where we were going? What did he have planned? I didn’t want to lose his friendship, so I hoped he didn’t plan anything special for me. I looked up at the sky as Frank Senatra sang “Come fly with me, lets fly, lets fly away….”

To be continued…..