Jul 2 2009


It has been a little over a week since I have met this beautiful creature. We have been talking every night, and most of the day online. Although we haven’t shared every personal detail, sometimes your gut can tell you everything you need to know about a person. I have always been very sensitive and careful around strangers. I watch what I say and what I do constantly, but with Aziz I found it so easy for me to simply be myself. Our conversations didn’t include gossip, he never spoke badly of anyone he knew unless it would benefit me personally. We agreed on so many topics and when we didn’t agree with each other, we wouldn’t argue, we’d simply respect each others views.

Aziz grew up in an environment that was far different than the one I was raised in. His father was very strict, and never satisfied with his achievements but readily criticized him when his performance was less than perfect. Each family member did their own thing and I noticed from the start that communication was an issue in their home. Aziz and his siblings could never express themselves freely, so they all chose to show their parents the side they wanted to see, and hide who they truly were. In our home on the other hand, I had a larger family, and it was always loud and chaotic. No secrets could be kept, you could say our motto was and still is “your business is my business”. Our mother was not only a loving and caring parent, she was also a supportive and loyal friend that we could all count on. I have always been a firm believer in looking into a person’s relationship with their family– male or female–, in order to acquire hidden traits that you may not see immediately.

One sunny afternoon as I was sipping my coffee on my couch, listening to the sound of the busy streets, and chatting with Aziz, I mentioned I would like to sell my car and replace it with  something a little more girly. He told me that he could take me to a few dealerships to check out what was there, and if I found what I liked then I could simply trade it. What I didn’t know is that he meant right this moment. I had nothing to do that day and I certainly didn’t want to miss a day out with Aziz. I told him to give me 30 minutes to get dressed and I cleaned up my place just in case he decided to come in this time. Aziz lived 15 minutes away from my place, he said that he’d leave in about 5 minutes,get gas and pick me up. I don’t like being rushed but I was too excited to care, I put on my favorite jeans, a white shirt, let my hair down, and dabbed on some lip gloss. I grabbed my bag, and looked at the clock to find that only 10 minutes have passed.

I was feeling anxious, so I kept busy, I hid my dirty laundry in the laundry room, emptied my ash tray, and sprayed the place with air freshener. A while later he texted me, “Buzz me in”, so I did just that. I got my keys, locked my door and headed towards my car. He was always so calm, and never really said “Hello” or “Hi”, I would always have to say it first. I asked him to drive my car since he knew where we were going, and because I’d feel silly driving him around. We played music most of the way, and he asked me questions about what type of car I was looking for. By then,I was feeling rather comfy, it’s always the getting ready and waiting part that makes me nervous. While in each others presence, all that goes away, and I feel safe and comfortable. We checked out a couple dealerships that day but I didn’t find anything I liked, I kind of felt like I have wasted his time. He told me not to worry, and promised that he would help me find a car online. He was so helpful and patient with me. Then he asked me if there was anything else I’d like to do. It looks as though I’m not the only one having a good time. I told him I had nothing in particular that I want to do, and asked him if he had anything in mind. I wasn’t sure what he meant so I decided to let him choose something or somewhere. “Why don’t we go to Starbucks and get something to drink?” he asked. He assumed coffee would be a safe call since he usually saw me holding a cup of coffee in my hand. I got my usual and he didn’t have a specific drink that he ordered so he had what I had. We sat outside, but that guy who has so much to say online, never really says much when he didn’t have his laptop. It didn’t matter to me, I don’t like people who talked non stop anyway. When he did say something, it was always meaningful and insightful.